Ones to Watch in the North 2014

Iain Andrews, The Flibbertigibbet, 2012

We select the ones to watch in the north for CreativeTourist

Featured artists:

Paul Merrick, Rachel Clewlow, Cath Campbell,
Iain Andrews, Lindsey Bull

  • Paul Merrick

    Paul Merrick, Untitled (1,2,3,4,5), 2012

    Untitled (1,2,3,4,5), 2012

    Minimalist yet colourful, Paul Merrick’s work fuses traditional painting, sculpture and materials such as scrap metal, gloss paint, bits of furniture, tape and even strip lighting. “His practice is really experimental. He uses a range of methods to explore material, form and colour. Lush!

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  • Rachael Clewlow

    Rachael Clewlow, Seven Walks, Seven Gates in Seven Colours (Key), 2013

    Seven Walks, Seven Gates in Seven Colours (Key), 2013

    Working mainly in print, drawing and painting, Rachel Clewlow’s finished works serve as a form of documentation of her travels – of, specifically, the daily walks she makes from A to B and back again. She logs her movements in her diaries, which become both beautiful objects and also serve as source material for the the exquisite abstract paintings she creates. They offer an original take on the relationship between walking and the experience of landscape.

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  • Cath Campbell

    Cath Campbell, Lighthouse, 2012

    Lighthouse, 2012

    Taking the history of Modernism as a point of departure, Cath Campbell reappropriates architectural imagery from memory to create make-believe sculptural spaces. Campbell often works with architects and engineers to create large-scale interventions that subtly distort or reorder existing structures in slightly subversive, unsettling ways.

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  • Lindsey Bull

    Lindsey Bull, Wolf Head, 2010

    Wolf Head, 2010

    One of our artists of the month, Lindsey Bull creates small oil paintings that are, according to the artist, “an exploration around reality and illusion”. The figures in Lindsey Bull’s paintings appear to be immersed in some private ritual or performance, and are based on images found in vintage magazines and books on mythology and witchcraft. Beautifully painted, with minimal brushstrokes.

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