#Five2Watch Supermoon

Thomas Ireland, detail from untitled (mare), 2011

Did you see the supermoon this week? By the light of it, we've created a Five2Watch showcasing artists from the directory whose work has been inspired by the moon

Selected artists:

Robert Orchardson, Alec Stevens, Thomas Ireland,
Anthony Carr, Gareth Kemp

  • Robert Orchardson

  • Alec Stevens

    Alec Stevens, Museum for Neil, 2013

    Museum for Neil, 2013

    An installation made during my stay at The Hawson Memorial Winter Residency in Jedburgh, Scotland in late 2013. 

    Research during my time uncovered the locality with the astronaut Neil Armstrong and a visit he made during the year after his moon landing in 1970.

    All objects are said to be made by locals during this time to welcome Armstrong to Jedburgh during his tour of the Scottish Borders.

    'Relics' include 11 apollo rockets made with local felled wood, meat gifts and sewn pieces to combine together to create the 'Museum for Neil'.

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  • Anthony Carr

    Anthony Carr, Burghley Lunar-See Camera 11, 2013

    Burghley Lunar-See Camera 11, 2013

    Fall Back, Spring Forward is a recent test project undertaken at the gardens of Burghley House, Lincolnshire, studying the moon's path as it crosses the nocturnal sky using experimental makeshift time-lapse cameras. This particular pinhole photograph represents 1175 hours of exposure over a 4 1/2 month period. The moon is seen rising from the east and reflected in the estate's large lake.

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Friday 12 September 2014

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