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Sarah Sabin, Unlocked/Respond commission/Basines Commenticia, 2014

This week in #Five2Watch we pick five artists making work in response to museum collections

Selected artists: 

Urszula Sliz, Sarah Sabin, Del Whitticase, 
Chris Dunseath, Rutter and Bennet

  • Sarah Sabin

    Sarah Sabin, Unlocked/Respond commission/Basines Commenticia - work in progress,

    Unlocked/Respond commission/Basines Commenticia - work in progress,

    A series of exploratory works, in response to objects in Colchester and Ipswich Museums Archaeology collection. In particular to a Roman strainer bowl, of which similar types containing Artemesia traces had been found.

    A potential plant was focused 
    on 'Basines commenticia.' the site of the strainer bowl find was explored by divining, locating hidden features, and tea drunk at the location, and responses were made in a variety of media.

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  • Del Whitticase

    Del Whitticase, Haig Pit Mining Museum entrance gates, 2010

    Haig Pit Mining Museum entrance gates, 2010

    The gate design was inspired by a drawing which is held in the museum's collection. 
    The drawing, made by a mines surveyor in the 1920's, is a technical cross-section of the Whitehaven coalfields. 
    The drawing details the specific geology of the 
    Whitehaven coastline and in this way illustrates the very reason why Haig Pit and many others in the area came into existence. 
    It seems, therefore, an appropriate visual reference to have at the entrance to the museum, helping to set the scene for visitors as to the nature, history and focus of the museum. 

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  • Chris Dunseath

    Chris Dunseath, Palstave Axe Variation No.4, 2015

    Palstave Axe Variation No.4, 2015

    From a series of hand cast bronzes that respond to the bronze age axes found in the Museum of Somerset's Heritage Stores.

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  • Rutter and Bennett

    Rutter and Bennett, Calais Lace Museum and Herbert Read Gallery,

    Calais Lace Museum and Herbert Read Gallery,

    As part of the ‘Lace Effects 1' exhibition at the Cite Internationale de la Dentelle et de la Mode in Calais we made a fabric wearable sculpture. The design on the digitally printed fabric was taken from a collage composed of an image of Evelyn taken by the museum body scanner and elements of the Leavers lace making machines. It was made into a 3D anaglyph viewable with 3D glasses. A cut-up poem made about the lace machines was transformed into a soundtrack to accompany a 3D lightbox image of the ‘Lace Trance’ collage. 

    The piece was shown later in 2014 at the ‘Digital Encounters’ exhibition at UCA Canterbury’s Herbert Read Gallery as part of an international show exploring the different ways digital technology has affected textile art and production.

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