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Claire Weetman, Residential Chance, 2014

This week in #Five2Watch we pick a selection of works which include games and playing

Selected artists: 

Claire Weetman , Sophie Warren and Jonathan Mosley, Sophie Bullock, Jason Rouse, Marilyn Rathbone

  • Jason Rouse

    Jason Rouse, POSTCARDS FROM MEXICO, 2014


    A digital response to a scanned Aztec mask in the Nation Museum of Wales, Cardiff. Exhibited as part of a Digital Intervention dealing with 3D scans of various artefacts and curated by Sarah Younan.

    Download a playable version of the Postcards from Mexico game

    Mac: bit.ly/1sM1DzA

    PC: bit.ly/1kd7JoI

    Four ‘postcards’ represent the output of this project, which began as a response to digitised 3D scans of various objects from the archive of the National Museum of Wales in Cardiff.

    I found instant affinity with an Aztec mask.

    The 3D scans were incredibly detailed and offered the opportunity for the file to be enlarged to the scale of a landscape.

    The 3D wire mesh file was imported into a games development suite which was then used to create an interactive landscape based on the face of the mask. The Eyes and mouth became canyons and the nose developed into an unreachable peak.

    The landscape was textured and decorated with inspiration from a recent trip to Mexico. Clichéd game objects were added, such as ammo crates, barbed wire and watchtowers. These textbook game objects help explore the issue of Mexico as a country with both border and political issues.

    Four screenshots were taken and are presented as ‘postcards’.

    The exhibition features a recorded play through of the game and viewers are invited to download their own copy to play.

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  • Marilyn Rathbone

    Marilyn Rathbone, Equivalent IX, 2011

    Equivalent IX, 2011

    'Equivalent IX' consists of nine sets of nine counters, each set a different colour. Laid out in different configurations, its mass remains the same. It is an homage, and at a tangent, to Carl Andre's 'Equivalent VIII'. Andre's work champions bricks (a material with which he was familiar as his grandfather was a bricklayer) mine celebrates buttons (my grandmother sewed buttons onto cards for a local haberdashery to help pay the bills).

    Instructions: Lay the coloured counters out at a tangent to one another to form different shapes and patterns.

    Como silk, brass curtain rings, handmade b

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