#Five2Watch Artists in Leeds

Christopher Hall, The Singular Beauty of a Glorious Death 2015

With just over a month until the launch of British Art Show 8 in Leeds, we take a look at five artists who are based in the city

Selected artists: 

Paul Digby, Helen Dryden, Gareth Griffiths,
Christopher Hall, Juliet MacDonald

  • Paul Digby

    Paul Digby, Self Portrait, 2013

    Self Portrait, 2013

    I graduated in 1997 from Norwich University College of the Arts. I have work in the Welcome Trust Collection and with private collectors. I have exhibited in including the RBS Gallery, Leeds City Gallery, the Cornerhouse in Manchester and the Saatchi Gallery. I have held residencies in High Royds and Rampton Hospital. 

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  • Gareth Griffiths MRBS

    Gareth Griffiths MRBS, west coast inn , 2015

    west coast inn , 2015

    Googie inspired sculpture.

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  • Christopher Hall

    Christopher Hall, The Singular Beauty of a Glorious Death, 2015

    The Singular Beauty of a Glorious Death, 2015

    8mm film transferred to HD | 6 min 55 sec | colour | sound

    Christopher Hall examines the interplay between memory, ritual and notions of power.

    Celebrating the materiality of physical film, he creates montage-like collages, pushing images through alchemical processes to generate images that cannot be achieved digitally.

    Manipulated frames become striking, loaded images; what previously existed on the edge of consciousness is now excavated from the film strip and presented for our extended contemplation. Recurring images of ceremonies, marching bands and military parades take on new meaning, posing questions around how we remember, how we memorialise and what, in our digital world, will survive.

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  • Juliet MacDonald

    Juliet MacDonald, Town Bench Drawings, 2014

    Town Bench Drawings, 2014

    Shown in trace.[instructions for mapping space] at Huddersfield Art Gallery 8 Feb to 2 May 2014. This was a three-person show with Rob Lycett and Sophia Emmanouil, with Hoot and OOB.

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