Open Frequency 2008: Sarah Evans selected by Donna Lynas

Open Frequency 2008: Sarah Evans selected by Donna Lynas Sarah Evans, Line Scape Study, 2007. Drawing

Donna Lynas selects the work of Sarah Evans

Sarah Evans' work has a particular lightness of touch. The mesmerising fragility of unexpected and slanting sunlight. Fluttering leaves on a cool breeze that reflect a gentle and sublime moment. Evans freeze-frames an instant of nature rather than design. Located geographically in the rural, the influence of the natural environment is clear. Romanticised maybe, but none the worse for that because nature and Romanticism have held close for a long time.

In large gallery installations we are immersed, and in a moment of hesitation navigate the suspended forms. Frozen, still, a glow from an unseen source above like the warming sun viewed from under a watery surface. For company, glinting shapes coolly observe. Time stops and a clumsy movement through the fragile structure aims not to destroy it. The scale is very much calculated to make us feel like big-footed giants.

Holed up in an East Anglian landscape of low, wide skies and long barren earth. Profoundly influenced by contemporary music culture. Evans has through careful, considered, methodical, slight, repetition, discovered the preternatural ability to slow down time. A learned behaviour for her and not an accepted one.

Much of that repetition comes from re-working of many drawings, where images mutate and over-lay. Evans' work is at a pivotal moment. An altogether appropriate move into animation has allowed her to weave her magic with a restless fluidity illuminated from within, like a candle. Meandering, merging and enveloping, Evans weaves a lyrical spell in all she does.

Not difficult to imagine the lonely studios made of straw, music blaring, images spinning and sliding - a blurring trance-like state of delicate pleasure. But that pleasure goes beyond those four enveloping walls and for a moment, suspends us.

Evans is an emerging artist working from a studio at Wysing Arts Centre (a former farm, nine miles outside Cambridge). She makes large scale site responsive installations, drawings and animations.

Donna Lynas, February 2008

Artist's biography

Sarah Evans gained a first class degree in Fine Art at Reading University (1995) followed by an MA in European Fine Art at Winchester School of Art, Barcelona.

Exhibitions include the inaugural group exhibition at Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge (2008), a solo exhibition at the Margaret Harvey Gallery, University of Hertfordshire Galleries, St Albans (2008), The nothing that is, Red Gallery, Hull (solo, 2006) and Outside the Frame, Phoenix Gallery, 2006.

Evans is one of 24 artists resident at Wysing Art Centre, Cambridge.

About Donna Lynas

Donna Lynas has been Director of Wysing Arts Centre - a centre for the visual arts set on the 11 acre site of a former farm 9 miles south west of Cambridge - since April 2005. She has been instrumental in delivering Wysing's £1.7 million capital development project, due to open in January 2008. The project will transform the Centre and provide state-of-the-art artists' studios and 'new media' and educational facilities. Additionally, she has developed new ways for Wysing to work with its 24 studio artists, all of whom now receive professional development support during their five year tenure at the Centre. Alongside supporting studio artists Wysing runs an International Residency Programme and also a Public Programme in which the Centre works predominantly with artists' collectives on different approaches to participation and knowledge exchange.

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