MAstars 2005: Wai-Yin Wong, MA Fine Art

MAstars 2005: Wai-Yin Wong, MA Fine Art Wai-Yin Wong, References to be an artist, 2005, acrylic on paper

Danielle Treanor selects Wai-Yin-Wong from the University of Leeds for MAstars

Wai-Yin Wong's MA Degree Show was arresting and inspiring, minimilist and intricately detailed. She uses a loose and playful technique to render classic contemporary art texts like Shock Of The New and Sensations as pale, beta versions of the original in rough paper, piled up on a paper desk with paper waste basket at its side. Her work is at once representational of her studio space and a metaphor for her ideas about 'honest' works of art. She delves into an ongoing investigation into the true nature of her work, her ambitions and motivations and ends here with an almost dream like installation where the imediate seems very far away.

Selected by Danielle Treanor
Published December, 2005

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