MAstars 2009: Tracy Nicholls, MA

MAstars 2009: Tracy Nicholls, MA Tracy Nicholls, Erosion #4, 2009, Fused and slumped hand cut glass, wire, board, 100cm x 100cm x 100cm. Credit: Simon Bruntnell

Edith Garcia selects Tracy Nicholls from University for the Creative Arts, Farnham for MAstars

Upon gazing at Tracy Nicholls' work, your eyes struggle to focus on the surface of the complex structure that is delicately suspended from the ceiling. Layer upon layer of hand-cut white opaque glass creates a white cube that offers a sense of depth and fragility; the delicately elusive lines weaving together into an absorbing sculptural form.

Nicholls speaks of her work as a way to explore nature’s darker side, but at a microscopic level. She draws her imagery from the interlocking elements that make up human bones, and transforms this into large-installation works. This series of works entitled 'Erosion' evokes a sense of mortality and speaks of time’s ability to destroy our bodies, reminding us of just how fragile we really are.

Selected by Edith Garcia
Published October, 2009

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