MAstars 2008: Petros Chrisostomou, MA Fine Art

MAstars 2008: Petros Chrisostomou, MA Fine Art Petros Chrisostomou, Skatospore, 2008, Colour photograph, 150cm x 120cm. Credit: Galerie Xippas

Matt Roberts selects Petros Chrisostomou from The Royal Academy of Arts for MAstars

Being my first time at the Royal Academy School's postgraduate show I can't help but notice the impact the institution has had on its graduates. The musty aroma of history which pervades the space has clearly infused the imaginations of the artists that study there. In this environment the work of Petros Chrisostomou provides a welcome breath of fresh air.

Working with medium-format photography Chrisostomou creates intricate quotidian environments, interrupted by culturally loaded sculpture. His kitchen at home invaded by giant eggs, an artist's studio bisected by a pair of vampish stilettos, and a take-away hosting a wendy house constructed from left over kebab meat.

Chrisostomou's models show a remarkable attention to detail, and his careful selection of materials reveals a continuing interest in the socio-cultural significance of everyday objects. The kebab house examines how the reconstituted meat parallels the building of new lives by immigrant settlers, and the juxtaposition of the red stilettos, and the meditative space of the artists' studio brilliantly encapsulates the tension between high art, and visceral experience.

Influenced by the work of Thomas Demand and Claes Oldenberg, the artist brings an intelligence, and a sense of immediacy that cuts through the stale museological surroundings like a hot knife through butter.

Selected by Matt Roberts
Published July, 2008

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