MAstars Yearbook 2013

MAstars Yearbook 2013

For the first time, the MAstars Yearbook provides a showcase for all of the winners of Axisweb’s 2013 MAstars programme chosen by influential selectors from across the UK.

"For me, MAstars – like a visit to an MA show – is all about discovery, and surprise. Best to leap right in." 
Tom Morton, independent curator and contributing editor of Frieze Magazine

Each year we commission curators, writers and other art professionals to attend MA degree shows across the UK and select and write about one student who is then featured on MAstars. As a summation of MAstars 2013, we've brought together the selected cohort into one celebratory, digital 'Yearbook'.

The Yearbook includes a foreword by Tom Morton and texts on 18 students written by our team of influential curators, writers and art professionals.

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