MAstars 2006: Mario Pires Cordeiro, MA Fine Art

MAstars 2006: Mario Pires Cordeiro, MA Fine Art Mario Pires Cordeiro, Future Prospectus, 2006, Fabric and digital print on fabric, 310cm x 80cm. Credit: Mario Pires Cordeiro

Emma Dean selects Mario Pires Cordeiro from Chelsea College of Art and Design for MAstars

Mario Pires Cordeiro's installation 'Future Prospectus' (2006), comprises a series of brightly coloured pendants and flags, fixed to the walls and attached to the central pillars in the space. The six wall-based pendants are overlaid with designs for futuristic, even alien, buildings and structures, digitally printed on sewn-on fabric panels. The flags, hanging high above head height are like medieval heraldic banners, patterned with eye-catching shapes and colours, and arranged in groups of three around the pillars.

The work stems from Cordeiro's interest in systems of representation, and from his current fascination with the International Colour Authority catalogue 2006-07, which predicts colour trends for industry designers. But what is most intriguing here is Cordeiro's marrying of an old and new iconography; his combining of flags and banners - used throughout history as signifiers of nationality, identity and social status - with futuristic emblems and modern-day colour codes.

Selected by Emma Dean
Published November, 2006

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