MAstars 2006: Kirk Palmer, MA Photography

MAstars 2006: Kirk Palmer, MA Photography Kirk Palmer, Murmur, 2006. High definition video. 6 mins (loop). Credit: Kirk Palmer

Brett Rogers selects Kirk Palmer from the Royal College of Art for MAstars

Seldom have I been so struck by the sophistication and impact of an MA student's work as I was by Kirk Palmer's video. The skillful manipulation of the language of still photography and the moving image operated alongside an intuitive understanding of the nuances, richness and character of black and white photography. At times the surface of the image was extremely flat and two-dimensional, at other times it became highly sculptural and three-dimensional which heightened the visual complexity of the work. The history of landscape photography from 19th century topographical views to contemporary environmental practice was referenced in an oblique but intelligent manner. The soundtrack, pace and rhythm of the work served to engage and entrance the viewer on many levels, from the ecological to the visceral, building up to the dramatic denouement at the conclusion of the work.

Selected by Brett Rogers
Published July, 2006

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