MAstars 2005: Jolande Bosch, MA Fine Art Practice

MAstars 2005: Jolande Bosch, MA Fine Art Practice Jolande Bosch, Lamp Britain, 2005, plywood, paint, fitting and bulb, acrylic and pencil, 70cm x 80cm x 35cm

David Butler selects Jolande Bosch from Northumbria University for MAstars

The work is drawings and animation and has, for the artist, a very distinct conceptual base around emotional insulation as a defence manoeuvre. She quotes, 'Emotional insulation is an attempt to reduce affective involvement in a given situation by separating, that is, isolating, ones feelings from one's cognitive reactions to a situation' (Benson based on Freud).  In a simpler way she talks about visual information and how we process it as viewers, how much information we need, how it is filtered by newspapers etc.  Because of stripping imagery away to bare essentials the work has a very fragile beauty about it.  I interviewed Jolande for the MFA at Newcastle so I can see how her work has developed over a year.  There is a very rigorous research process here but it all comes back to really compelling objects.  She is about to embark on a PhD at UNN, so she is really pushing this process.  She is from Holland and as such now has a commitment to being in the UK for the next three years.

Selected by David Butler
Published December, 2005

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