MAstars 2008: David Borrington, MA Printmaking

MAstars 2008: David Borrington, MA Printmaking David Borrington, Cowckercoller, 2008, 38.1cm x 58.4cm

Annie Woodford MA RCA selects David Borrington from the Royal College of Art for MAstars

David Borrington's etchings speak both of a personal journey and a journey exploring the cultural and social issues that are an integral part of contemporary society. Beautifully executed, with a delicate use of aquatint and drypoint his detailed and often complex imagery demands engagement. Seemingly traditional depictions of cityscapes, the layered, labyrinthine environments he creates somehow perfectly describe difficult political and personal issues that at times we would all prefer to ignore. Chaotic and dark, these are the hidden places, the 'other worlds' that exist beneath the veneer.

The division of surface which he describes as a 'layering of time' and his use of symbolism is in some sense a mapping and ordering of events and feelings - a means of codifying and understanding life without the use of language.

His travels in Africa and India have initiated an emotional and empathetic response to the difficulties other people face in their lives. A continued exploration of this theme, perhaps by creating a series of artists books using travelogue from a very particular viewpoint, might be an appropriate way for him to begin his professional practice.

Selected by Annie Woodford
Published June, 2008

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