MAstars 2008: Angus Sanders-Dunnachie, PG Dip Fine Art

MAstars 2008: Angus Sanders-Dunnachie, PG Dip Fine Art Angus Sanders-Dunnachie, Installation shot, 2008. Credit: Angus Sanders-Dunnachie

Irene Bradbury selects Angus Sanders-Dunnachie from the Royal Academy of Arts for MAstars

'When all you have is a hammer, all you see is nails' is one of the rhetorical slogans that Angus Sanders-Dunnachie titles his series of freestanding sculptures. From the visual overdrive of consumer imagery, Sanders-Dunnachie mixes references from cartoon characters such as the Roadrunner, Sponge Bob and Bugs Bunny through to more emblematic illustrations of wealth: diamonds, crowns or exotic palm trees. These design motifs are repeated in different configurations throughout the installation and drawn on prefabricated plasterboard. In contrast to the illustrations that are carefully reproduced in graphite and gouache, the artist individually hand-saws (rather than machine cuts) the imagery out creating a torn and uneven outline to the various exaggerated graphic forms. Over a dozen matching boards are cut out and then stacked together to transform the 2-D animation into a 3-D ossified block. The regimental layout of eight characters in five rows creates a meaningless ordering to Sanders-Dunnachie's installation of pop humour as demonstrated in one of his aphorisms: 'They know very well what they are doing'.

Selected by Irene Bradbury
Published June, 2008

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