The Rant: Pitch for it!

The Rant: Pitch for it! Robin Cracknell, objection, 2011

Ever needed to get something about the art world off your chest? This is your chance! We find Rant writers through an open invitation to our members.

The Rant is a successful monthly comment-enabled slot on that addresses a hot topic or controversial issue relating to the UK contemporary art world.

How to pitch

Send us … no more than 100 words describing your Rant. Make sure you include the main point of your argument and any sources or evidence you have to back up your argument. You may still be in the process of researching your argument – that is fine, please tell us this and make sure that you have sufficient time to complete your research before the copy deadline.

Send us… a short CV so we have an idea about who you are and what you do. We are interested in connecting with artists, writers and art professionals engaged in the contemporary art scene in the UK and internationally.

Make sure… you include your name and full contact details including phone number and postal address.

We schedule the Rant several months in advance and will discuss a publication date with you.
Please note: On that publication date you must be available to proof and check the article once online and respond to any comments for the three weeks that your Rant is current.

Send it to… Lesley Guy -


I’ve never written anything before, is that OK?
Yes. We do not require you to have been published before. What we are looking for is an ability to create a coherent argument in a short article (300 words maximum).

Do I need to be a member of Axisweb?
Yes. From January 2014 onwards you will need to be a member of Axisweb to have a Rant published. For more information about membership follow this link.

Can I write about my own work?
No. We prefer the Rant to be about issues that affect the UK contemporary art community as a whole. You may wish to refer to your own experiences and knowledge but it is important that you can evidence your argument so please do not write about things which you are not allowed to discuss publicly or that only concern you.

Does the Rant have to be about art?
Yes. The Rant must be about a current issue that is of concern to the UK contemporary art community.

Does the Rant have to be about art in the UK?
No. We will consider Rants that are written by international authors or about international issues. However they must be relevant to the UK contemporary art community.

How long is a Rant?
Strictly 300 words or less.

I’ve already written my Rant, shall I send you the whole thing?
Yes, you can send a full Rant but please also send a 100 word synopsis. If we have a lot of submissions we may not have time to read the full article.

Should I have links to other content on the internet in my Rant?
Yes. Links are useful to back up your argument and provide more reading for those interested in the topic. We actively encourage you to include links if possible. Please write all URLs out in full and do not embed links in a word document.

Do I need to illustrate my Rant?
No. We will use an image from the Axisweb directory to accompany your Rant. However, if you do wish to send an image to accompany it, you can, but it must have full copyright clearance for unlimited use on the Axisweb site.

Can I write a Rant if I have written one before?
Yes. We are very happy to consider those who have written for us before, and encourage you to pitch your idea.

Do I have to respond to comments left on my Rant?
Yes. This is a fundamental part of the author’s role. Please see ‘What do I need to do for my fee?’ below.

Should I comment on other people’s Rants?
Yes. We want to build a platform where people are open and willing to discuss difficult issues with their peers. It helps greatly if Rant authors support each other by commenting on other people’s Rants.

Should I promote my Rant?
Yes. We greatly appreciate authors who promote their Rant to their networks. The more you Tweet, Facebook, Linked In or email the better (within reason of course, you don’t want to spam anyone)! We will do the same – sharing it via our social media and on our newsletters which reach over 20,000 people.

Is there a fee?
Yes. We pay a set fee of £100 per Rant.

What do I need to do for my fee?
You need to deliver the Rant according to the deadlines stated in your contract. You need to respond to the editor regarding any edits that need to be made and to check over the online proof of your article. You also need to contribute to the discussion by responding to comments over the full three week period that your Rant is current.

Can I submit a previously published article?
Material commissioned by Axisweb is done so on the understanding that it is original and that it has not been published elsewhere.  

Still got more questions?
Contact Lesley –