Ten artists whose work you should be collecting now

Ten artists whose work you should be collecting now Rotating Shape: Side II, 2013. Credit: Louisa Chambers

Axisweb have tipped ten contemporary emerging UK artists from their directory for you to keep an eye on…


Jonathan Gabb axisweb.org/p/jonathangabb
Jonathan Gabb, Reverse Sequence, 2013
Jonathan Gabb creates complex and dazzling installations that push the physical properties of paint to the limits. 


Mella Shaw axisweb.org/p/mellashaw
Mella Shaw
Mella Shaw, Bridges (Grey and Yellow), 2013
Mella Shaw was selected from our MAstars programme from this year’s MA Ceramics and Glass at the Royal College of Arts for her beautifully balanced architectural forms.


Kathy Dalwood axisweb.org/p/kathydalwoodKathydalwood
Kathy Dalwood, Tomcat, 2013
We love Kathy Dalwood’s contemporary take on the historical portrait bust. This is portraiture with a surreal twist.


Susie Green axisweb.org/p/susiegreenSusiegreen
Susie Green, Dogtooth Protection Section, 2012
Is it art? Or fashion? Susie Green’s textile work is both and sits interestingly alongside her performance practice.


Georgie Grace axisweb.org/p/georgiegraceGeorgiegrace
Georgie Grace, Silent masses hovering above the earth 1, 2013
Georgie Grace’s beautifully produced giclée prints, exploring form and landscape, have an otherworldly, sci-fi feel.


George Charman axisweb.org/p/georgecharmanGeorgecharman
George Charman, A Drowned Man, 2010
From intricate drawings to the most pared-down of constructions, George Charman addresses enduring questions about architecture as an expression of human aspiration.


Richard Stone axisweb.org/p/richardstone
Richard Stone, One last look at England before we go and The memory cape, 2012

With its classical reference points, Richard Stone’s work at first appears relatively traditional, until you scratch the surface and realise something more apocalyptic is going on.


Louisa Chambers axisweb.org/p/louisachambers
Louise Chambers, Rotating Shape: Side II, 2013

Louisa Chambers’s exuberant paintings explore the endless possibilities of colour, geometry and pattern. 


Hannah Campion axisweb.org/p/hannahcampionHannahcampion
Hannah Camion, Scrunch, 2012
Hannah Campion creates intricate and delicate three dimensional forms that hover somewhere between the categories of painting and sculpture. 


Raymond Church axisweb.org/p/raymondchurchRaymondchurch
Raymond Church, Inappropriation, 2013
Raymond Church brings the classical pottery of ancient Greece up-to-date with satirical social commentary and urban imagery.


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