Axisweb at the London Art Fair 2014

Axisweb at the London Art Fair 2014

Axisweb returns to exhibit at the fair within critically acclaimed Art Projects, which focuses on emerging artists, curated group displays and large-scale installations. We are excited to be exhibiting again in Art Projects at the London Art Fair with work by four artists from our directory.

Axisweb at the London Art Fair 
Come and Join us 
15-19 January 2014

Axisweb returns to exhibit at the fair within critically acclaimed Art Projects, which focuses on emerging artists, curated group displays and large-scale installations. 

Our selection focuses on four artists who take pleasure in abstract shape, colour and pattern, and whose works reveal something of their own making.

Clive A Brandon

2013 Kinokino 22 1

Clive A Brandon, KinoKino Residency Documentation, 2013

Clive A Brandon
makes paintings, collages, photographs, books, films and interventions that respond to the contemporary city and the utopian ideals of modernist architecture. He draws inspiration from artists as diverse as Paul Nash and Gordon Matta-Clark, distilling his visual observations into small-scale works that often combine watercolour with collage. The experience of walking closely informs his practice, and recent residencies in Scotland, Norway and Sweden have further developed an expanded field of landscape art. 

Read our interview with Clive here.

George Charman

13 A Drowned Man Collection

George Charman, A Drowned Man, 2010

George Charman’s drawings, constructions and installations explore the philosophical and spiritual dimension of building things. His drawings and sculptures, often strongly architectural in character, lay bare the process by which they have been made. From staggeringly intricate drawings to the most pared-down of constructions, his work addresses enduring questions about architecture as an expression of human aspiration.

Listen to our inteview with George here.

Tom Hackney 

Chess Painting No 9

Tom Hackney, Chess Painting No.9 (F.Marshall vs. M.Duchamp, Hamburg, 1930)2011

Tom Hackney’s
Chess Paintings (2009 – present) use the records of chess games played by Marcel Duchamp in the 1920s to create abstract works which marry the enclosed, self-regulating structures of chess and a precise, deliberately sparing application of paint. These carefully controlled gesso paintings reflect the artist's interest in the idea of inhabiting and reactivating historical material to create a painted index of thought-processes. He sees chess and painting as arenas in which the mind and eye are equally at play.   

Read our interview with Tom here.

Virginia Verran 

Virginia Verran P L I N Y

Virginia Verran, P L I N Y, 2011-2012

Virginia Verran’s work is at once graphic and painterly, delicate and forceful. Her paintings contain intimations of flesh, human activity and atmospheric space, while her drawings are more suggestive of the urban environment, with its awkward juxtapositions, contrasts and collisions. She wants her work to feel ‘inevitable’ – the outcome of an ineluctable process of deliberation and chance. 

Read our interview with Virginia for November's Artist of the Month  

Axisweb artists at the London Art Fair 2014

In addition to the four artists we have selected to show on the Axisweb stand at London Art Fair (P27), there are lots of artists from the directory showing with other galleries at the fair and across London. We've put together a quick guide to help you plan your visit.

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About London Art Fair

London Art Fair is the UK’s premier fair for Modern British and Contemporary art. It presents over 120 carefully selected galleries from the UK and overseas, exhibiting work by artists from the early 20th Century to the present day.

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