Axisweb at The Art Party Conference

Axisweb at The Art Party Conference

Political demonstration? Fun day out? Or artwork? The Art Party conference in Scarborough on 23 November promises to be all three at once.

The Art Party Conference
The Spa, Scarborough
Saturday 23 November 2013
2.00pm – 2.00am

Conceived by artist Bob and Roberta Smith and curator Stuart Cameron of Crescent Arts, the conference brought together artists from all over the country in a one-day creative jamboree with a serious message: that art education really does matter.

Artists contributed to the event in all sorts of ways, and we at Axisweb were also doing our bit.


We offered travel and accommodation bursaries to 10 of our members from different parts of the UK: Laura E BaconNick HolmesAngela KennedyMelanie KingLana LockeJulie McCaldenSally PayenTrevor PittSam Treadaway and Dawn Woolley

Film screening

Many artists offered us films for a special Axisweb screening at The Art Party Conference. The choice was a difficult one, but in the end we narrowed it down to the following artist members:  Antoinette Burchill, Yvonne Carmichael, Alison J Carr, Robert FosterMitra Saboury and Claire Weetman


Adam Goodge Art Work Life

We  commissioned artist Adam Goodge to lead a participatory performance that enabled reflection on the balance between art, work and life. It involved three short exercises, so make sure you've limbered up in advance! 

Adam will lead performances throughout the day and conference delegates will be encouraged to take part. 

We would like to thank all our members who expressed an interest in contributing to The Art Party Conference. Unfortunately it wasn’t possible to support you all, but we will be filming and photographing the conference while we’re there, so that we can relay the flavour of the proceedings after the event.


Full details of the programme can be found at:

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