Artist Liz West and the Axisweb Opportunities Service

In July 2012 we were the lucky recipients of Artplayer's £5K video services competition. We've used it to highlight a great story from one of our artist members, Liz West.

Liz West applied for an open call to exhibit at Cornerhouse, Manchester which resulted in her being selected for Four, an exhibition developed by Cornerhouse's young curators Liz Gibson, Alex Leigh and Neetu Roy. In this film created by Artplayer, Liz talks about the benefits of being a member of Axisweb and the new work she has created for the exhibition.

A big thank you to Mike at Artplayer, Liz West and Marisa Draper at Cornerhouse for making this film possible!

Artplayer film - Liz West from Axisweb on Vimeo.

Four was at Cornerhouse, Manchester in January and February 2013
Featuring the artists Kate SullyLiz West, Nicola Ellis and Tristram Aver
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