The Lombard Method

The Lombard Method

With the emergence of newer artist-led spaces in the city of Birmingham, The Lombard Method are coming of age and establishing themselves as an organisation dedicated to supporting younger artists through residencies and exhibitions.

Three years ago a group of graduates found an empty building and set up The Lombard Method. These eleven or so studio holders' rents cover the core costs but they have just received Arts Council funding to pay for the programme of exhibitions and residencies.

There are no fixed walls, giving it an open feel, conducive to experimentation and collaboration. The atmosphere is discursive, and crits regularly take place between studio-holders.

A programme of exhibitions is curated by Adam Smythe, Joanne Masding and Matt Foster, who have no strong curatorial agenda other than to support emerging artistic development.

The residency programme offers one and three- month residencies for emerging artists and covers fees and the cost of materials.

Director Adam Smythe told us that there is a strong community in Birmingham and that The Lombard Method get support from the more established spaces such as Eastside Projects, IKON, Grand Union who offer advice, equipment and encouragement. They work together to co-ordinate openings and share audiences.

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