The Influencers: Tony Charles's selection

Nick Kennedy, Timecasting, 2013 (detail)

We asked this month's Influencer Tony Charles to pick three artists from the directory and say a few words about his selection

Selected artists:

Phil Illingworth, Jo McGonigal, Nick Kennedy

First of all I know Phil Illingworth because he’s shown at Platform A. His works are quite beautiful, and they also address the relationship between painting and sculpture - as do Jo McGonigal's. She’s investigating a similar thing. The pieces I've selected are very sculptural paintings as far as I’m concerned so I think they fit nicely together. 

Nick Kennedy has got this fascination with systematic workings, there is an intellectual exploration behind the work. He sets rules for himself, and makes drawings using sculptural devices, so he too crosses these boundaries, I like that, to throw that in the mix would be interesting.

Selected by Tony Charles, November 2014

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