Jerwood Drawing Prize 2014

Susannah Douglas, Ensemble Diptych (part 1), 2014

We're very proud that 15 of our members have been longlisted for this year's Jerwood Drawing Prize. Here they tell us more about the work in the show and what it means to them to be selected

 Artists on Axisweb selected for the Jerwood Drawing Prize 2014:

Bonita Alice, Jessie Brennan, Sarah Casey, David Cooper, Susannah Douglas, 
Alzbeta Jaresova, Shivangi Ladha, Laurie Lax, Zoe Maslen, Sigrid Muller,
Katie Sollohub, Lexi Strauss, Sally Taylor, Katy Wallwork, Diane Caroline Welford

 Bonita Alice 

Selected work Beast Dead 1, 2014 

Bonita Alice, Beast Dead 1, 2014

This work is part of a body I'm still developing, which will be exhibited next year at AOP (Art On Paper) Gallery in Johannesburg.

I'm attempting to articulate the disquiet in our interaction with other animals. We make false assumptions about their cooperation and fail to recognise anxiety on both sides. I find it unfortunate that the decline in the relationship during our shared history has robbed humans of an important connection. 

I have made numerous versions of this work. This is the pleasure and advantage of drawing, especially drawing with paint. The image changes and often moves closer to what I'm looking for with every drawing.

It's wonderful to be selected for the prize. It's a fantastic platform and a great response to my newest works. It's always a great pleasure to get a nod for the work with which you're still actively engaged. I also like that the exhibition travels outside of London and that there is a catalogue that captures it.

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Jessie Brennan 

Selected work Apostelstraat 20, 2013

Jessie Brennan, Apostelstraat 20, 2013 (1)

I am interested in the ways drawing can playfully disrupt how images, and the (hi)stories contained within them, are read.

Apostelstraat 20 is a site-responsive work developed during visits to Sint-Niklaas, Belgium, based on the dwelling of deceased occupant Jan Buytaert.

The drawing was inspired by the title 'attracted by another level' for the triennial exhibition Coup de Ville curated by Stef Van Bellingen. The work was exhibited alongside a 19th Century Sled (courtesy Huis Janssens) and a carillon sound recording (written by Anton Van Wilderode and composed by Ignace De Sutter). The project was supported using public funding by Arts Council England.

I'm delighted to be long-listed for the Jerwood Drawing Prize this year. In 2011 my  five metre drawing The Cut (commissioned by SPACE, 2010 - 11) won second prize. Each year a different panel of selectors puts together a show of great breadth in drawing. It's a privilege to be part of this national, creative conversation about contemporary drawing practice.

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Sarah Casey 

Selected work Common Grounds 3/52, 2014 

Sarah Casey, Common Grounds 3/52, 2014

Common Grounds is part of project with The Bowes Museum, County Durham, using drawing to catalogue a box of lace bonnets in the Blackborne Lace collection. Although some of the lace is over 300 years old, the bonnets have remained packed in trunks since becoming part of the collection.

These drawings are the first record of them as individual objects - there are in fact 54 in total, not 52 as we first counted when I made this early drawing!

The drawings are made with oil on paper, a technique derived from working alongside textile conservators and reflecting the invisible oil traces left by human touch, which deepen into indelible stains over time.

When held up to the light, the images appear like ghostly scans, portraits of long-forgotten people. The series will be exhibited as an installation in 2015 at the Bowes Museum.

I see the Jerwood Drawing Prize as a temperature gauge, an indicator of the broader climate of current drawing activity in the UK. I’m delighted that my work is represented for the opportunity it presents for me to contribute to these conversations about the relevance, vibrancy and diversity of British drawing today.

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 David Cooper

Selected work Pre Info No.15, 2013

David Cooper, Pre Info No.15, 2013

The work Pre Info No.15 originates from a series of drawings informing the scenes for pre-existing or future sculptures.

It is a statement of the negative spaces where the subjects (the sculptures) are absent, and yet overbear the atmosphere of the scene.

Xerox inked paper, tape, biro, pencil, packing paper and cardboard make up the work.

I took a deliberate break from drawing in the hope I would develop something new, and this work that I have entered is the result of that break, so I'm delighted that it has been longlisted for the prize.

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Susannah Douglas

Selected works Ensemble, 2014 (pictured below), Ensemble Diptych (part 1) (pictured at the top), 2014 and Ensemble Diptych (part 2), 2014

Susannah Douglas,  Ensemble, 2014

The three pieces that have been selected are at once individual artworks and a collection of pieces that inform and reflect each other.

They present a familiar situation, a group formation of costumed figures assembled and ordered by the conventions of the school portrait.

The images are constructed from layered and reflected photocopies of the same image. The process of transcribing the image forms a unified surface. The drawing is a partial facsimile of the generic, repeated, repeatedly.

The Jerwood Drawing Prize presents a diverse survey into the fundamental practice of drawing and its potential as a tool for expressing concept rather than simply technical bombast. To have work selected is an honour.

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Alzbeta Jaresova 

Selected work Position XVI, 2014 

Alzbeta Jaresova, Position XVI, 2014

Position XVI is part of a series of works in which I explore the connection between history and memory.

The architectural elements of my work function as a mnemonic device, a catalyst for remembrance, which investigates the metaphysical process of how fragmented memory can envelop and disorientate one’s reality.

The structural forms point to architecture as a significant record of history and social development, and speak directly of our public awareness of and leaning towards political and social devices, interpretively drawing a transient place between private and public spaces.

I am thrilled to have been selected for this year's Jerwood Drawing Prize. It is wonderful to be included in such a prestigious exhibition and a great form of recognition for my work.

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 Shivangi Ladha

Selected work Shroud of Sparrow, 2013

Shivangi Ladha, Shroud of Sparrow, 2013

Shroud of Sparrow is an installation made up of drawings of dead birds on a white cloth. It was produced as a body of work that I made during my studies at Wimbledon College of Arts, where I graduated this year.

I have been observing sparrows since my childhood and have a particular attachment to these little birds. I have such a personal feeling of loss and absence at the downfall in the sparrow population. And so I drew dead sparrows I had found in the British landscape, to commemorate their valuable presence on the planet. 

At this early stage of my career, it is an incredible achievement to have been longlisted for Jerwood Drawing Prize 2014.

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Laurie Lax

Selected work Oblong (Parnidžio Kopa) [day two], 2014

Laurie Lax, Oblong (Parnidžio Kopa) [day two], 2014

This work is documentation of a temporal installation I made during my residency at Nida Art Colony in Lithuania.

Homemade charcoal was produced from locally found driftwood, then powdered and sifted onto the giant Parnidžio sand dune. Initially the velvety-black charcoal sat on top of the undulating surface, forming a crisp black rectangle.

Over the following few days, the Baltic sea winds gradually removed the charcoal, revealing the patterned sand waves beneath. All that remains of the original drawing is photo-documentation. The work selected is a framed photograph taken on day two.

I'm pleased that the judges also considered my work to be a drawing, despite its photo-documented form. Drawing is my main medium, so it's encouraging to receive recognition of that. 

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Zoe Maslen

Selected work The Absent’s Presence, Hair Drawing, 2014

Zoe Maslen, The Absent’s Presence, Hair Drawing, 2014

My selected piece is a drawing I completed for the final exhibition in my Fine Art degree, for which I received first class honours.

It is three metres long and one and half metres wide. A drawing on a ten metre scroll of fabriano paper.

It is an observational drawing from a sculpture I made of my own face out of my own hair. I have translated this into a drawing which abstracts it from its original form.

The drawing is based on a project about the unseen presence, or the implications of the word 'absence'.

As a recent graduate, it is incredible to be longlisted for the Jerwood Drawing Prize, as I am so early on in my career. To have earned recognition of my skill and passion for my work is prize enough, after the hard work I have put into my degree. It's a real kick-start to my professional career.

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Sigrid Muller

Selected work Seed Pods, 2014coloured pencil crayon on watercolour on board, 89cm x 117cm

Sigrid Muller, Seed Pods, 2014I found the seed pods, which are quite small in reality, between one and two inches, under a tree in Germany. At the moment, I am preoccupied with objects I find by the wayside, seemingly insignificant perhaps, maybe overlooked. Here they are given centre stage.

I was thrilled to have been included in the Jerwood Drawing Prize Competition in the first place, and so delighted to have been awarded second prize. It is a great honour to have this recognition.

Sigrid was awarded second prize of £5000 at the awards ceremony on 16 September 2014

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Katie Sollohub

Selected works On the Edge, 2014 and Quantum Life (pictured below), 2014 

Katie Sollohub, Quantum Life, 2014

My drawings are often of spaces, with or without objects and furniture in them. The two works that have been selected are drawings of my studio, recently built in the loft at home.

While I am often invited to work in other people's homes, in these works, I have chosen to focus on my own space at home, especially as it is a new space containing unfamiliar shapes, with familiar furniture in it (I have drawn and painted the chair a number of times over the years).

When I draw, these days, I feel I am drawing more than the objects themselves - I am drawing the gap between them. It is as if there is a conversation, something has just happened or is about to happen. The air vibrates.

It is so exciting to have not just one, but two drawings chosen. It is a very important year for me, where a number of things have fallen into place, and given me the confidence to really believe in my work.

The drawings themselves are apparently quite simple, quite raw, but I felt there was an energy to them. I am so pleased that the judges agree. It is a real privilege to be a part of this show that I always enjoy seeing.

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Lexi Strauss 

Selected work Plan B, 2014 

Lexi Strauss, Plan B, 2014

Inspired by a 1970s documentary, Plan B relates to an ongoing narrative, The Vulnerable Party. This is one of the many specious, fluid, personal fictions derived from interviews or my imagination, through which I explore the complexity of our interactions with belief systems.

The Vulnerable Party concerns the search for a supremely divine clown leader – humane, genuine and open, with strengths and weaknesses exposed.

It’s also a personal journey, a process of individuation, which will ultimately atomise the political party, or movement, thus reducing it to a one-person campaign, without cabinet or voters.

Works created around such narratives may also eventually be ventriloquised. Light projection and sound can allow subjects or objects within my paintings to breathe, interact, sing and narrate tales individually or collectively, conveying concepts beyond language or imagery.

It's really exciting to be included in an exhibition that I've always enjoyed so much myself. 

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Sally Taylor 

Selected work Confused Head 27, 2014

Sally Taylor, Confused Head 27, 2014

The drawing comes from a larger series of works exploring the motif of a ‘head’. I have been working on found papers for several years now and the aesthetic quality of the paper informs the work’s progression.

This work is made using Posca pen and collaged paper shapes.

I am interested in exploring ideas relating to how we store and process information. Triangles have been of interest since I discovered a piece of writing by Louise Bourgeois stating ‘triangles mean danger’. 

This is my fourth time in the Jerwood Drawing Prize, as I was also included in 2004, 2009, 2011. It’s wonderful to be part of such a prestigious exhibition and to show work alongside others who value drawing as an integral part of their practice.

Sally received a special commendation from the judges at the prizegiving on 16 September 2014

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Katy Wallwork

Selected work Crusade (rambergering), 2014

Katy Wallwork, Crusade (rambergering), 2014

Crusade (rambergering) is one of an ongoing series of sculptural drawings using plaster and pure pigments, which re-appropriate homoerotic and rebellious undercurrents from historical prints and paintings.

Based on the erotic etching Swain with Two Nymphs and a Landscape by Johann Heinrich Ramberg, my drawing re-imagines the nymphs embarking on a childish piggy-back crusade, gleefully focused on one another.

I was surprised and thrilled to be longlisted for the Jerwood Drawing Prize. They receive an astounding number of entries, so to have a work selected is a huge honour.

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Diane Caroline Welford

Selected work Eavesdropper, 2014

Diane Caroline Welford, Evesdropper, 2014

Eavesdropper takes place in secret, listening into the private and unknown without gaining permission, taking with it newly acquired information that may never have come to light. Eavesdropper draws parallels with our ability to perceive things through a different state of awareness.

This is my second time in the Jerwood Drawing Prize, as I was also included in 2010. It’s wonderful to be part of such a prestigious exhibition and to show work alongside others who value drawing as an integral part of their practice.


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About the Jerwood Drawing Prize 2014

This is the twentieth Jerwood Drawing Prize, the largest and longest running annual open exhibition for drawing in the UK. Selected from original drawings, the Jerwood Drawing Prize promotes and celebrates the breadth of contemporary drawing practice within the UK. 

The selectors for this year's prize were:

  • Gavin Delahunty, Senior Curator of Contemporary Art, Dallas Museum
  • Dr Janet McKenzie, Author and Co-editor of Studio International
  • Alison Wilding RA, Artist

They have chosen 51 drawings by 46 practitioners, selected from 3,234 submitted works.

Exhibition dates
17 September - 26 October 2014 at Jerwood Space, 171 Union Street, London SE1 0LN, followed by a tour to venues across the UK, including Cheltenham, Bideford, Bournemouth and Leeds.

Find out more at


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