Axisweb at the London Art Fair: 16 January - 20 January 2013

Axisweb at the London Art Fair: 16 January - 20 January 2013 Inguna Gremzde, Small World (detail), 2011. Photo Credit: Debra Wilson & Chiara Williams

We're at the London Art Fair again this year to highlight the organisation and raise the profile of the range of artists and makers you can find on Axisweb. We've interviewed the six artists who will be showing their work on our stand so you can find out more about them and their practice.

We have selected work by six artists represented on the Axis directory for our stand: 
Chris AgnewRobert DawsonInguna GremzdeSofie GreveliusEJ Major and Darren Nixon

Chris Agnew

Chris Agnew The Ark Ahora Gorge 146474

Chris Agnew, The Ark, Ahora Gorge, 2012

Chris Agnew explores the historical connotations of particular events and places in minutely detailed works which often combine etching and painting.

Read our interview with Chris Agnew

Robert Dawson

Robert Dawson Spin Detail 129888

Robert Dawson, Spin (detail), 2012

Robert Dawson creates an unusual 'spin' (quite literally) on the familar willow pattern plate.

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Inguna Gremzde

Inguna Gremzde Landscape Collection 153227

Inguna Gremzde, Landscape Collection for Subconscious Need, 2012

Inguna Gremzde miniaturises landscape in tiny, bottle-top paintings, which comment on throwaway urban culture and our increasingly tenuous relationship with nature.

Read our interview with Inguna Gremzde

Sofie Grevelius

Sophie Grevelius Rca

Sophie Grevelius, Show RCA, 2012

Sofie Grevelius translates her everyday experience of the urban environment into prop-like objects, prints and drawings.

Read our interview with Sofie Grevelius

EJ Major

Ej Major Love Is 001 114198

EJ Major, love is...(001), 2004-2007

EJ Major's prints form part of an extraordinary participative project based on 'Last Tango in Paris', which became a collective meditation on the nature of love and the power of cinematic imagery.

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Darren Nixon

Darren Nixon The Gathering 119806

Darren Nixon, The Gathering, 2011

Darren Nixon's paintings hint at narrative but are also about the resistance of images to interpretation.

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