Yoshitaka Iwamoto

I have been involved in projects concerning new art representation by proving overlaps and spaces between Science and Fine Art. In particular, my current concept of artworks is based on biological research. Unpredictable and surprising figures which microphotography or astrophotography show us inspired me and strengthened my interest in formations of natural elements s such as molecules, cells or crystals which are invisible to the humble human eye. Nature is an endless combination and repetition of a very few laws. She hums the old well known air through innumerable variations. -Ralph Waldlo Emerson A unity of different and equal elements is always associated with symmetry -Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy Disciplines such as biology or astronomy allow to us recognise the definite facts of nature, that it is organised by a system of simple patterns and laws. I have visualized biological fact according to both historic and cutting edge scientific research. By interconnecting scientific principles, contexts, and theories with my imagination, I have created my own representations in harmony with my philosophy of the connectedness of fine art and other subjects. In my view of art, I see interaction, not boundaries. I started this project which I named “interconnections” by making paintings on copier acetate and exhibited them at Bargehouse in 2010. After the show I realised that the transparency of the plastic sheets has other possibilities for representation and more forceful ways for the concept to be effected. I have sought to efficient interaction between the transparency, object, and space. My current project investigates to make spacial atmosphere by projecting my paintings which are made on transparent board with overhead projector. Zoomed images with the equipment show the details and variations of figures and colours on my painting. It also represents unpredictable reactions between painting and technological equipment on the wall. This expands my microphotographic images onto the space with the projection and draws new way of representation beyond just juxtaposed paintings. Also, I aim to all of my artworks makes interactions among the space, paintings, and projection by making sculptures with the chemical texture on acrylic boards. The images of the projection could be a trigger to viewers to realise that one object can show unexpected figures which the texture of my sculptures and paintings has. This projects to cross over the labels of Fine Art such as painting, sculpture, and installation. read full statement

Location London