Yoke and Zoom

Yoke and Zoom are an art duo based in the UK. Yoke and Zoom's practice combines universal concerns with domestic private moments, instigating collaborations and making interventions in public space and galleries in the urban and rural context. Encouraging communication between people whilst questioning the politics of art production and consumption in the public and private realms. Artworks by Yoke and Zoom are often conceptual and may involve any manner of methods of production; collection and re-distribution, re- appropriation of everyday objects, sculpture, painting, film making, problem solving and the encouragement of communality. Works take on a host of subject matter, including inquiries into concepts of of place and mobility within social, relational and historical contexts and explorations into survivalism, counter cultures, mobile architecture, alternative living systems and the relationship between culture and nature in contemporary society. The weaving of Folklore, Myth and Technology results in works like The Mobile Cottage Industries 2009, Mayday, Mayday 2011, Trinka Five 2010 and The Four Leaf Clover Project, 1999-ongoing. Yoke and Zoom are also co-founders and directors of MOVEMENT gallery on Platform 2, Worcester Foregate Street Railway Station. MOVEMENT is a departure, a change, a stopover, or an arrival - it's a point along a journey and a geographically democratic site for the production and presentation of contemporary artwork. Opened in 2010, it is a not for profit company limited by guarantee. Initiated, run and directed by Nina Coulson and Alexander Johnson from Yoke and Zoom. MOVEMENT is an artist-led micro-gallery, located in what was once a redundant gentleman's toilet that fronts directly onto a busy railway station platform. Commissions are funded by Arts Council England with the support of Network Rail, London Midland and ACORP. MOVEMENT aims to take projects further afield by utilising the rail network across Europe and beyond as a site for art. read full statement

Location West Malvern, West Midlands