Will Schrimshaw

I am an artist-researcher from Wakefield based in Newcastle upon Tyne. Often working with sound amidst a larger vibrational continuum, my work is broadly concerned with the subliminal influence of backgrounds, ambiances and atmospheres, with the often imperceptible determinants of space and place. The relation to site that is maintained throughout much of my work is less concerned with specificity than contingency, focusing upon an underlying generative capacity in the material composition of space. These concerns are manifest in an experimental practice combining earth, text and code in repeated attempts to engage with material and energetic states that exist in excess of the thresholds of perception. I recently completed a PhD in Philosophy and Architecture at Newcastle University, focusing upon ideas of acoustic space and auditory influence within architectural and artistic practice. I have completed numerous residencies and delivered solo and group exhibitions, performances and workshops throughout Europe. read full statement

Location North Shields, North East