William Lasdun

William Lasdun

My work is currently engaged in exploring how certain forms and structures begin, develop and return to their starting point. In particular I am concerned with the form and structure of ocean waves, stratas of rock and structures which straddle the disciplines of engineering and architecture.

One can walk through these pieces and in some sense they can be seen as gateways and arches,
a kind of contemporary form of the traditional folly in the landscape. They are concerned with movement and travel, with leading the viewer around them and, most importantly, being visually and therefore structurally resolved from every angle.Career path
Foundation Course, City & Guilds Art School
History of Art Degree (BA Hons)
Trained as technical draughtsman and model-maker
Set design assistant, English National Opera
Freelance designer in architectural firms
Full-time sculptor and designer

Media Coverage:
Sleaford Target, October 2003
Sleaford Standard, October 2003

'Thinking Big' concepts for 21st century British Sculpture, Sculpture at Goodwood, 2003

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Location Totnes, South West