Will Datson


I am drawn to artistic variety, having produced digital art, paintings, animation, books and electronic music. I prefer to use materials in a spontaneous way and enjoy bringing diverse media together. Although interested in science and technology, I am equally fascinated by what we don't know, uncertainty, and how we absorb ideas, facts and fictions as impressionable beings. These themes are sometimes evident in my projects but also motivate me in a less conscious way. I am not particularly concerned if this is interpreted intellectually by the viewer as I am more inclined to focus on conveying subtle feeling and visual harmony than any overt message or agenda. My current project is called The Head and the Array, using the human head as a universal shape around which I can explore materials, colour and abstraction. I am working with digital print, drawing and painting, experimenting with the computer as both a sketching tool and as a way to create a pattern from a grid of repetitive images with minor variations.

Location Scottish Borders, Scotland
Website http://www.UnderwaterPress.com