Wendy Tuxill

Artist, Writer, Critic, Researcher

For the past five years, I have explored non-traditional uses of liquid porcelain, using an approach to mark making as a large part of the content of the work. The outcome has been a series of process led sculptural drawings and forms in which there is a point of transition from order to disorder, when different kinds of ordering emerge, allowing the fluidity, solidity and fragmentation which emerge during the process of making the work to show through in the final white abstract forms. In the Liminal and Lacuna series of drawings, the expressive qualities of line are explored using the fluidity of the material to create thinness, thickness, softness, hardness, fragility and strength, underscored by the cracking, warping, and fragmentation that are inherent qualities of porcelain as the material dries. The drawings do not depict a specific object or thing, but are created in the making, the work being the result of process, risk, control, chance, and the context in which the work is shown. Traditional assumptions that surround drawings, materials, and processes are reconsidered in order to explore new approaches. Risk and chance emphasise the ephemerality of the work at every stage, especially when a final performative aspect is introduced as two drawings prop each other up, moving from two to three dimensions, radically exposing the vulnerability of the work. read full statement

Location Bedford, East
Activities Higher education, Lecturing, Practice-based research, Art historical research, Critical writing, Creative writing