Wendy Briggs


I explore everyday routines as a means to analyse where I fit in to the greater scheme of things. Focusing on the immediate environment and the routes to local towns and villages, I portray the shape and pattern of my daily journeys. The repetitiveness of these activities, the places I visit and the people I interact with, underpin my work. By introducing grids, road markings, text and symbols I can evoke an element of fun, creating a game with rules and codes to direct the viewer a reflection on society perhaps. I see mapping as a form of thought process: plotting things out; arranging in sequence; identifying spaces and where connections lie; the shape of the land and the places we know - Familiarity of a place instills a feeling of ownership and belonging, compounding the notion of ones place being central to ones identity. By removing usual map information from the images, and any form of key, the viewer is forced to see the area honed down to its bare bones, only to be drawn or interpreted by those familiar with that space. I would like to develop this concept on a large scale by collating information from groups of people, living or working locally to each other, through discussion and analysing their individual maps to discover ways they connect to form a community. read full statement

Location Arlesey, East
Activities Public art
Artforms / type of project Environment, Public Art
Website http://www.wendybriggs.com