Wendy Anderson

Wendy Anderson

"…..I shy away from naming what painting gives us. I only know that it is useful and important…..that painting is in fact essential to life." Gerhard Richter.

Painting is essential to me, it is the way that I record and respond to what I have seen in the world. I have included in the slides not only paintings, such as 'Dark Summer', but also the three dimensional work 'Chair'. I am
particularly interested in the way we look at a painting, that we return and re look. There are rhythms like a musical score where a theme is repeated, or inverted, with my painting it ends up as a kind of structure and pattern. These patterns are also what cover the found objects, they are objects that inhabit the 'worlds' the paintings are creating.Influences
'Painting is like hand - stuffing a mattress.' Franz Kline

'Frustration is one of the great things in art. Satisfaction is nothing.' Philip GustonCareer path
I was born in Scotland and currently live and work in London. My solo exhibitions have been in association with the Eagle Gallery, the Adam Gallery and the Whitechapel Gallery, London. My international group exhibitions include, British Art Eritrea, Africa and at the Pugh Pugh Gallery in Berlin.

I have published exhibition guides with the Royal Academy of Arts and the Serpentine Gallery, London and I am currently working on a book "Painting" which discusses contemporary painting methods and techniques, to be published in association with Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and Lawrence King.
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Location London