Warren Hayes

Warren Hayes' practice is concerned with the architectonics of everyday life and how they affect upon our lives. His highly constructed paintings reduce multiple modes of information into basic elementary shapes. Through repetition and duplication, colours jostle for position on the fractured surface. Some win the battle to occupy the rich takings in the foreground, whilst others lose only to find themselves whisked off into infinite depths. Warren Hayes infuses his work with glimpses of the world about him. It might be the flicker of a shadow, a fleeting reflection or the inter-play of lines in a building. These moments of inspiration are brought to fruition in the studio through Warren's carefully constructed method of working. The moments of inspiration appear lost as information is digested and reduced only for the original idea to reinvent itself in a series of basic elementary shapes. The work becomes distant from the original thought that brought inspiration but is ultimately and uncannily connected. read full statement

Location Sheffield, Yorkshire