Vivien Blackett

Artist, Lecturer / academic, Gallery educator

I trawl through images taken from a variety of sources including Renaissance painting, medieval prints and numerous books, both contemporary and historical, on medicine, botany, alchemy and science, etc. My drawings continue to be an important and playful part of my research for the paintings and I use them to experiment with connections, scale, illusion and meaning. Since 1997, for an exhibition at the Adam Gallery titled ABOVE, BELOW, WITHIN, I have been working on paintings consisting of two or more panels juxtaposed. I combine images of my own invention with those taken from, for example, a microscopic photograph or a medieval woodcut and hope to suggest, despite the disparity of the various elements, a logic or connectivity which questions the nature of appearance and our experience of the world. My most recent work includes research, made during recent trips to Italy, on landscape and predellas in early Renaissance paintings and frescoes. read full statement

Location London
Activities Higher education, Adult education, Lecturing, Residencies, Workshops
Artforms Drawing, Painting, Public Art