Victoria Rance

Victoria Rance

Artist, Maker, Film-maker, Curator, Writer

Based at APT Studios in Deptford London UK, Victoria Rance was the 2003-4 winner of The Mark Tanner Award for Sculpture. Her work is concerned with the experience of the body in relation to space and matter.  She creates spaces to enter, 'Sculpture to Wear' or talismanic sculptures which can be held in the hand. 

I Wish is a participatory event in which people visit her and tell her a wish in confidence, and she then makes them a hand holdable talismanic object which they can return to collect. Her film about the process won a Deptford X 2015 prize.

Her 'Sculpture to Wear' series creates a sheltering skin that protects or alters the sense of self. They provoke ambivalent responses in the wearer and viewer, and use elements of contemporary and historic architecture and costume drawn from museum collections. Physically they test the tension between protective constraint and freedom of movement.

The larger works look architectural but still crucially relate to the human body, and create spaces suggesting shelter and containment using diverse cultural references. Their forms suggest a usefulness or functionality and they can literally contain the viewer. Rance records interactions with her work using photography and animation which are then shown alongside the sculptures. She shows her work extensively in UK and internationally with recent two person shows in Istanbul (Medusa Stories with Ruken Aslan 2012) and Osnabrück ( Sleep of Reason with Sylvia Lüdtke 2013). 


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Location London
Activities Practice-based research, Residencies, Critical writing, Curating, Film-making
Artforms / type of project Environment, Film & Video, Installation, Participatory, Sculpture
Tags Sculpture to Wear, Animation, Interactive, Video, Photography, Self, Unconscious, Feminist, Behaviour, Environmental

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