Photo: Victoria Arney in London

Victoria Arney

Artist, Lecturer / academic

Our extremes of natural disasters and technological dependance to recording it pose questions of experience . How does that relate to the intimate activity of drawing and painting. My work is about drawing and the technological gap between witness and event. I am interested in cities and nature, permenance and loss and spaces where infinite chaos and order meet. How we engage with our environment is a reflection of the fragility and disintergration of these spaces. And how we engage with the world. I am interested in using technology but maintaining the relationship of the hand and eye within it. Since 2011 I have worked with sites of ruin (culminating in a solo show at the Embassy Tea Gallery in Oct 2013) I work across Drawing, print, painting and film to explore individually elements that are thrown up by the images and events that I witness through the internet. In a sense I am interested in 'invisible' ruins that are cleared. read full statement

Location London
Activities Further education, Adult education, Residencies, Workshops
Artforms / type of project Drawing, Installation, Painting, Printmaking

News & Events

  • Ruin Repeat - drawing shortlisted for Laguna Art Prize Venice

    Large drawing - ruin reeat - has just been shortlisted for the Laguna art Prize - with a chance of showing at the Venice Arsenal in march 2015.

  • Dream life of Debris

    Bearspace Gallery - Solo Show opens july 11 - Aug 8 Private view 25 july 2014 Exploring the rich history within print making to construct a conversation about the nature of catastrophies.