Venetia Norris

Venetia Norris

Artist, Teacher

Everything living has a unique shape and form, everything makes it’s presence felt in some way, leaves a mark, some traces on or below the surface, everything strives to find it’s place and space, however small, everything struggles to become part of the whole.   Trying to understand that journey is what interests me, how a plant or a flower grows into itself, how it composes itself, where it is found, the various stages of its journey, how it emerges into itself, and how that self is then seen.

I am drawn to the smallest shape and curve, detail continuously intrigues me.   Using just the tip of my pencil, graphite and ink I try to reveal the intricate layers, the sensuous interiors, the infinite variety and texture of a leaf, a stem, or a petal, to see beyond the initial distraction of beauty, gently but determinedly going behind the disguise of blossom or colour.

Drawing is the language through which I express my connection with nature, with the formal gardens, the hedgerows, the urban spaces that are far from abandoned, the shoreline, the window boxes, the water’s edge, the mountain paths, with what clings to the rocks and the crevices, and what lies just below the surface.   Here in England, or travelling overseas, the world only makes sense to me when I drawn it onto paper, every line building into a shape, every shape helping me find my way forward.

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Location Wandsworth, London
Activities Residencies, Workshops, Participatory projects, Private commissions
Artforms / type of project Drawing, Mixed Media
Tags organic, floral, drawing, representational, graphite, nature, detailed, lines, paper, original