Photo: Venetia Norris in London

Venetia Norris

Artist, Teacher

Since I was a child I have been interested in lines - from the contours found on a map to old master drawings. This fascination remains as I continue to develop the energy of line within my work. I am based in Putney and often find myself sketching plants along the banks of the Thames. My inspiration is always found in nature - the dramatic curve of a stem, delicate ball of petals or heavy lush leaves compel me to pick up my pencil. The action of holding a pencil and drawing is second nature to me. I love the sound of a pencil leaving a mark, varying the pressure sometimes breaking it, looking at what I am drawing while continuing to move the pencil across the surface, dirty hands and the evolving drama that takes place as the lines dance upon the paper. When drawing I am aware of a pressure to capture what I see before, the light changes or the plant is past its best. I have gone to great lengths to keep cut flowers at the height of their beauty by adding soluble paracetamal to the water, keeping them in the fridge and ensuring the studio is cool. There is a playful dichotomy found in my work between carefully considered representational drawing with looser, more intuitive lines. I have an eye for detail and enjoy noticing the smallest of imperfections. I would describe my work as quiet, elegant and communicating a fragile beauty that I find in nature I was born in England in 1981 and grew up in the countryside. My Father, sculptor David Norris and my grandparents who were architects were all very supportive of my artistic development. I was awarded an art scholarship to Milfield School. After this I completed a foundation year at Chelsea Art College of Art and graduated with two Bachelor of Arts' degrees from the London College of Fashion and Sir John Cass Art School. My work has been exhibited at the Affordable Art Fair and recently in Christies, London. To date I have had four solo shows, the most recent were held at St Martin In The Field Crypt Gallery & National Trust's Fenton House in Hampstead. read full statement

Location London
Activities Further education, Adult education, Workshops, Participatory projects, Private commissions
Artforms / type of project Drawing, Mixed Media

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