Velvet Zoe Ramos

Early career

My artistic expression evolves around imagination, memory and how we understand the suffering of others. These topics always immerse as a narrative infused with current social and political issues. I am trying to present tragedy and hope without exploitation and idealisation. Both conditions inform my objective barriers to jumpstart an emotional and intellectual engagement as well as enforcing my own artistic reference. Many of my installations have a performative aspect were I become the narrator and set-up a visual stage. The scenarios often present the daily survival in poor stricken countries, a region affected by humanitarian crisis, or particular social issues in the first world. Audiences become either onlookers or participants. Their action or non-action refers to the human condition of the witness and the bystander. Further to this my artistic practice is strongly influenced by relational aesthetics. I deliberately utilise objects from a domestic environment to create a casual and homely feeling. The Feast is an appropriate work were I used numerous cooking bowls, plates and spoons. With my performances or installations I am trying to express the responsibility we have towards the other. Staging an event replaces the image and questions its purpose. My visual stage-set subverts the missing image and draws attention to suffering leaving participants with no option but to acknowledge the truth.

Location Oranjestad
Activities Public art
Tags Spoons memory narrative humanitarian relational aesthetics cooking sprouting suffering growth staging

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