Valerie Coffin Price


As an artist-letterer working with issues to do with the environment, language and cultural identity, a sense of place is fundamental to my work. The poetic resonance of language and its connection to the environment drives my work, which explores ideas of mapping in relation to a sense of place, as well as an understanding of community and landscape. In recent projects I have been exploring ideas of mapping in relation to a sense of place, as well as an understanding of community and landscape, looking at the relationships between the human and natural, or man-made, environment. This involves the act of journeying itself. To journey is to explore and discover cultural traces embedded in the land. These traces include fragments of objects, memories, history and remnants of text and sound. It is these 'unseen paths' that connect us to nature, to the liminal, to the invisible world of currents, winds, ideas and language. I tend to work, in blocks of 5-10 years, towards an overall subject matter, existing within this overarching focus are a number of streams of inquiry, or practice. My current area of practice, Intimate Cartographies, involves research into internal and external human geographies, the use of language and their connection to an interior sense of self. The first stage of this work explores the poetic responses of various writers to the landscape and looks into the diversity of languages that we use to connect to our internal and external human geography. By exploring elements of cultural and national identity, my presence in the landscape acts as a link in an ongoing tradition where the artist bears witness to the history of the changing landscape. read full statement

Location Cardiff, Wales
Activities Lecturing, Practice-based research, Residencies, Workshops, Arts in health, Built environment, Public art, Private commissions, Evaluation
Artforms / type of project Drawing, Environment, Installation, Public Art, Sculpture

News & Events

  • Double Dialogues

    I shall be speaking with Philip Gross at the Double Dialogues conference, to be held in Cardiff, in September 2014.

  • The Art of Walking

    I am working towards an exhibition to accompany 'Laurie Lee. Poetry, Art & Landscape'. This involved walking from Slad to Southampton and celebrating with the Whiteway Colony, Gloucestershire.

  • The River Next Door

    I have been awarded a large grant by the Arts Council of Wales to create work for 'The River Next Door' project. The project will culminate in a series of solo exhibitions and a publication in 2015.

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