Tsendpurev Tsegmid

In March 2006 I founded MONUK, and started to manage the not for profit art project aimed to encourage and develop arts links between UK and Mongolia. A team of voluntary members comprised of artists, researchers and educators ran an exhibition entitled 'Odoo/Current', the first group show by 12 UK based artists in Mongolia in April 2007. We are about to host our second international subproject 'Silk Highway', an online initiative to challenge distance and language barriers artists from the UK and Mongolia using the World Wide Web as a virtual studio. The project is the first online dialogue to include artists from Mongolia utlising this method of exchange and is proving to be of an engaging and innovative collaboration. My involvement with MONUK developed my interest in curating shows and mentoring artists. Recently, I’ve curated an exhibition titled 'Khanamj/Ecstasis' by Mongolian artist B. Munkhtsetseg, shown at the Khukh Naran (eng. Blue Sun) Contemporary Art Centre in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. The role of co-curator and an interpreter for 'Silk Highway' puts me in responsible but interesting position. read full statement

Location Leeds, UK, Yorkshire