Trudi Entwistle

Concepts I am a site specific environmental artist responding to 'place'; creating sculptural solutions in the landscape from earthworks enduring many years to temporary installation lasting only a few days. The spatial aspect within my work is a key element to consider. Place gives inspiration, meaning and strength to the forms and lines so that the sculpture becomes integrated with its surroundings. My work does not compete with the landscape, but creates a subtle addition to it. Not noticeable until close up, they become a place to stumble upon, a place to linger, highlighting qualities of place that perhaps would have been quickly passed by - a place of contemplation. Influences 'place', landscape, elements, nature, processes, Far East - Japan, environmental art, land art, landscape architecture, architecture, sculpture, installation, contemplation Teaching experience 1995/02 Part-time Lecturer, Landscape Architecture Department, Leeds Metropolitan University Areas of work Primary education Adult education Exhibiting Lecturing Practice-based research Private commissions Public art Residencies Workshops Working with architects Collections South Carolina Botanical Garden, South Carolina, USA read full statement

Location Hebdon Bridge, Yorkshire