Photo: Tristram J. Aver in Nottingham, East Midlands

Tristram J. Aver

Artist, Curator, Project manager, Graphic designer, Technician

As the use of technology shapes the way we view, interact and respond to our environment, my interest lies in examining the volume of visual information we are bombarded with every day in this digital age. I aim to capture and identify a hybrid, 'sampled' view of the world that imitates the implosion of data to the eye. By recording the stimuli we are exposed to on a daily basis, I attempt to create a single, stimulating new language through paint. I sample common figurative, historical, cultural and commercial iconography (pinup girls, Staffy Terriers, motifs, typography, textiles, graphic design, art historical elements for example) and re-analyse their original context and meaning. When translated to canvas the forms take on a new momentum, and the process of applying paint becomes paramount in the evolution of the imagery; acting as data in a computer programme, paint can be subject to distortion, repetition, compression and corruption as each layer is applied, resulting in recognisable and chimeric forms that fit uncomfortably in the world. Overloaded compositions, in terms of paint application and the distortion of pictorial references, is key to the finished canvas. read full statement

Location Nottingham, East Midlands
Activities Critical writing, Curating, Events management, Visual arts consultancy, Project management, Marketing/communications, Public relations, Technical installation
Artforms / type of project Consultancy, Curatorial project, Project, Installation, Painting
Tags paint, taxidermy, neon, light frames, oval, spray paint, wall painting