Trisha McCrae

Artist, Curator, Art historian, Writer

My work is often raw, immediate and provocative. I use film and the editing process to tell stories which carry powerful personal meaning. Film is exciting because it allows us to —examine ourselves, imitate ourselves, extend ourselves, reshape our reality right into the abstract. As a filmmaker/curator/installation artist I explore theatrical experiences that lure the viewer into the physical and perceptual world surrounding them: intimate worlds where the viewer can participate in the act of seeing. I use music and lighting entice the viewer to move from a conscious level of looking to a more unconscious level where they can project elements of their own memories, desires and fears onto what they see. I was trained as a sculptor and painter so I am acutely aware of compositional techniques and three dimensionality so when planning an installation space or directing performers or shooting a film, it is always with artistic reference to the drama of the Baroque era. I use the whole space as a metaphor for the structure of my existence. I have found that creating installations is the best way to harness the symbolic, emotional and dramatic elements of my work together for public discern. read full statement

Location Cambridge, East
Activities Practice-based research, Art historical research, Public art, Critical writing, Curating, Film-making