Photo: Trevor Kiernander in London

Trevor Kiernander


My work takes visual cues from real and virtual environments, examining, assembling and also deconstructing space, exploring figure/ground relationships and the representation of architectural motifs. Starting with visual ideas drawn from photographs of buildings and landscapes, I break down and reconstruct a world formed of dislocated and interwoven partial planes, lines and shapes.My paintings attempt to create dynamic tension between formal elements, such as splashes of colour, shapes reminiscent of the outlines of architectural structures, dissecting lines, charcoal under-drawings, and masking tape intentionally left in place or used to paint hard edges. Layered over these are occasionally solid blocks of dark earth tones that occlude parts of the image, producing a sense of realistic three-dimensional space, part of which is obscured from view.

Location London
Activities Higher education, Practice-based research, Community arts

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