Tracey McMaster

After winning a scholarship to attend and study at Musashino Art University in Tokyo, the possibilities within language and mistranslation became a catalyst for my practice. Language went on to inspire me to look at how it molds and affects the individual, their identity and culture. My practice is socially rooted and motivated, abducting subject matter from local stories and popular culture. I try to break the habits in how we encounter and look at art, and feel the best way to do this is to be personal. I create a glimpse into a human moment, a fragile thought, a fictional or factual exploration of our own frailties, extremities and individuality. The theme of time and repetition feature in my practice with, at times, thematically morbid and darkly humorous shadows being cast over my work. An intimacy is created through the metaphysical tone in which self awareness and reflection can be explored in the relationship between the subject and the viewer. I mostly turn to moving image to work through my ideas, I find this process is the most sensual way in which to explore language. It makes sense to communicate with a medium that is flowing and that can be seen and heard. I also encounter language through paint and sculpture, playing with the dialogue between image and text, how the title affects the work and how the appropriation of the language used is affected by it's new context. My motivation comes from a playful intrigue, almost as if I was a nosey neighbour or a young baby. I try to look at language and the individual through fresh eyes, to forget what I think I know and to study it for what you see and feel. read full statement

Location Nottingham, East Midlands