Photo: Townley and Bradby in Norwich, East

Townley and Bradby

Artist, Writer

Townley and Bradby make interventions, performance walks and artists' books. Townley and Bradby's practice explores the routines and rituals of urban public spaces. By carefully combining place, action and props, they feel for the bounds of what is permissible, or for the level at which an intervention ceases to be invisible and rises into the public view. Their work is nearly always located in the public realm, and has included an improvised game of tennis on urban wasteland (Abide, 2006), a public poll (Plant Popularity Poll, 2006), a performance walk linking the morgue with the crematorium (Dust, 2006), a trail of altered books in a library (Shelf Life, 2003) and a study of pedestrian navigation and cognitive maps amongst Norwich market (Provision, 2004). By situating their work back in the spaces which informed and provoked it, Townley and Bradby are making it available for chance discovery and comment. They intend their work to function as a framework which people can use to reflect on their surroundings. This reflection might be playful, and the notion of games is important, as it presents an invitation to participate. Some examples of these 'portable ideas' are a guidebook suggesting new ways to move around the city (Sweep and Veer: short cuts and intimate routes around Norwich, 2005), a site-specific drawing where a network of white lines painted on the ground led shoppers on sinuous deviations from their usual routes (Sweep and Veer, 2005), and a tennis umpire's chair and megaphone set up in a car park, with the invitation to comment on the banal view (Abide, 2006). read full statement

Location Norwich, East
Activities Early years education, Residencies, Workshops, Participatory projects, Critical writing
Artforms / type of project Project, Publication, Drawing, Participatory

News & Events

  • Publication of Ways To Wander (Triarchy Press) edited by Claire Hind and Clare Qualmann

    Artists Claire Hind and Clare Qualmann have compiled '54 intriguing ideas for different ways to take a walk', one of which is contributed by us. Book launch at LADA, London, E9 5EN, Friday 24 July.

  • Article: 'Five Terms From The Lexicon Of Gallery Education'

    With Liz Ballard, Bethan Lewis, Nell Croose Myhill & Natalie Zervou we jointly authored an article for the current issue of the Engage Journal (titled 25 Years of Gallery Education).

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