Photo: Tom Milnes in London

Tom Milnes


The invention and popularity of certain technologies has created an array of cultures and subcultures reliant upon the technologies allowing for their existence. The specific interchange between the progress of science and our response and adaptability to our environment provides for Tom Milnes (1984, Torquay, UK) a wide range of products and mass consumerables to be used as components in his work. By disregarding their original function the actions, uses and representations employed become humorous and playful; the results reminding us of the speed of technological advance, cultural wastage and the fads enjoyed along the way. During his recent residency at EKWC, Milnes created an electronic soundboard/ drum kit from ceramic duplicates of 'Euroshopper' products. In a performance, the ceramic items are struck to produce sounds mimicking the products. read full statement

Location London
Activities Secondary education, Residencies, Workshops, Film-making
Artforms / type of project Digital, Performance, Printmaking, Sculpture, Sound

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