Photo: Tom Kemp in London, South East

Tom Kemp


I work in many different media on very different scales. Works range from tiny, brush-painted personal commissions to architectural commissions involving entire buildings. I enjoy working with corporate clients to find ways of creating novel, surprising environments which no interior designer would dream of! In all the work, the emphasis is on the nature of writing and its place in our understanding of the world and of art, in particular. This takes me from textual paintings to abstract records of human movement. I use a wide range of materials and techniques to suit each piece, from pouring enamel on canvas to writing software to create digital art. Each specific method essentially determines the nature of the piece for which it is used. The methods developed from a passion for typography and lettering, evolving into a unique, real-time art form. My work is held in several corporate and many private collections.

Location London, South East
Activities Public art, Private commissions, Studio practice
Artforms / type of project Digital, Painting, Public Art, Text