Tobias Wilkinson

I use landscape painting to explore the dialectical relationship between what is hidden and what is revealed and to consider the way judgement is based on appearance. The genesis for this arose from an earlier interest in stone carving. My interests have developed to question the nature of possibility through this relationship. Whilst landscape is often the starting point for much of my work, it is not always destination. The series 'The Best Of All Possible Worlds' is inspired by Voltaire's polemic on optimism, 'Candide'. In the current post-ironic era of post-modernism Voltaire seems to anticipate contemporary issues of the relationship between pessimism and optimism. I am interested in the work of contemporary British painters like Ian Davenport, Crosby, Simon Callery, Jason Martin and Callum Innes as well as land based 3D artists such as Richard Long and Michael Craig Martin. Processes and methods have included utilising oil and acrylic media both together and separately on a variety of substrates such as MDF and wooden board, canvas and linen. I use photographs of landscape that interest me and then work up ideas on small panels or alternatively experiment on the canvas, firstly with acrylic paint which may then give way to layering with oil sometimes using a glaze medium. read full statement