Tina Neale

Tina Neale


The concepts in my work are a reflection of my understanding of the world I live in, nature and man made, the coexisting of the two in a constant state of motion and evolution.  All things in life are connected and when events trigger change we work with it to see where it takes us. Nothing stays the same everything, everyone, all of life evolves.  I try to make the material and processes in my work give form to this activity. Each object reflects significant points within my creative journey and life experience.


I like to explore the material elements and take aesthetic influences from environments I have found myself in. I have explored the use of materials from the area such as their clays or natural minerals. In Ecuador for instance I researched and used the volcanic deposits within the clay and glaze gaining unique effects.


I am interested in how the creative process, new findings through research and life experiences can influence work and can enhance or even create ideas.

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Location Cardiff, Wales
Artforms / type of project Ceramics